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Weyfringe Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Weyfringe celebrated their fiftieth year in 2014. Quite an achievement in this time of easy come easy go companies. Still in family ownership Weyfringe continues to be driven by technology which has changed tremendously since the 1960’s.

One thing has stayed the same however, we still deal with our customers as we ourselves would like to be dealt with. We value honesty, integrity and friendliness and this is perhaps the best way to explain our longevity. Our BIG birthday has prompted us take a look back over the years and we have included below some images and history from 'back in the day'. Some of this may seem very outdated now but at the time the equipment was cutting edge.  Even we ourselves were perhaps just slightly more edgy!

Our founding Managing Director in his (slightly!) younger days. Peter Gleghorn retired in 1995 and still takes a keen interest in the company but spends most of his time now working with charities and volunteer groups providing both technical, web and mentoring advice. 

Petrol Station Receipt Printer

Remember the old dot matrix receipt printers used in just about every petrol station in the country? Manufactured by Weyfringe these two colour printers were standard in most petrol stations for many years.

Chemist Prescription Labeller

Once the announcement of legislation to ban the handwriting of (often very hard to read) prescription medicine labels it became a race to provide a simple and accurate labelling solution. Weyfringe designed and manufactured a dedicated machine which used medically accepted short codes to pull from memory and print complex names and dosage information. This was our first mass market label printer and was adopted by most UK dispensing chemists.

Telex Editor

Telex, the predecessor of the email. Fit our interface to your electronic typewriter and use the Telex Editor to "print" punched tape with your message. It was then a simple job to take the tape to your company telex machine and send your message. This ground breaking machine allowed you to create messages at your desk and avoid queuing at the telex machine, which were so expensive you probably only had one!

Mini LabelWriter

These later (1980's) desktop labelling machines were aimed at more industrial users and became very popular selling throughout Europe, the USA and Japan and featured what we believe was the first retrofitable optical label edge sensor. Labelwriters could print text, barcodes and logos in black and colour and were used to identify everything from food to military equipment.

Thermal Transfer

Moving a little closer to the 1990's saw us launch the Prodigy thermal transfer printer. This was one of the first thermal transfer barcode label printers and was so well engineered that 25 years later Weyfringe supplied Prodigy printers are still printing barcode labels.

Wrap it up

Another Weyfringe innovation. When pallet wrapping using stretch film first took off Weyfringe saw their customers having to take pallets from the cartoning line to the pallet wrapper, tying up the fork lift and driver and creating bottle necks. So we developed a 'twist' on the theme and decided to take the wrapper to the pallet, thus reducing fork lift requirements by up to fifty per cent and often saving users enough to pay for the machine in only a few months.


For those of you with long memories the floppy disc will be familiar. Before Windows, DOS was the common operating system and EasyLabel DOS was launched on a 5 " floppy disc. The much more convenient 3 1/2 " disk then appeared and was the data storage media of choice until the CD and then DVD appeared. When Easylabel was launched it turned the labelling market upside down. Now you could reliably design and print barcode labels on a computer linked to a high speed printer! WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) was born. Weyfringe are proud to be the world's longest serving Easylabel distributor. It is perhaps not surprising that Tharo and Weyfringe customer focused attitude to business has resulted in both their own longevity and that of their business relationship.

Series 3000 Applicator

The Series 3000 was our first pre-printed label applicator both designed and manufactured in house. Produced following market surveys and customer clinics the Series 3000 combined simplicity and flexibility for an altogether more user friendly solution.

Quattro RT

Our own design and build. We believe this to be the first UK designed and manufactured real time label print and apply system.  Based on the cutting edge 4" (102mm) per second Fargo printer this was the bees knees back in the day!  We are up to print speeds of 12" a second now and we still think that our current model (RTL) is the best of its type.

Fast forward to the present

The present day is rather different to the 1960's. Many changes for the better but some folk would say many for the worse too. One thing that has definitely improved however is identification methods. Barcoding has moved on tremendously and is now accompanied by RFID. The printing and applying of barcode labels and programing of RFID labels is routinely carried out every day by manufacturers and producers who need to identify their product for distribution and sales purposes. It is with pride that Weyfringe can claim to have helped thousands of customers identify their products.


Our thanks go to both our staff and customers for helping to make our 50th birthday both possible and successful. We could not have done it without you all.  Perhaps however our biggest thanks should go to Peter Gleghorn who left GCHQ 50 years ago started a one man business from his front bedroom in Cheltenham making and selling digital voltmeters with integral printers. Who knew then what he was about to create?..Thanks Peter.