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  EASYLABEL Label Design & Print Software

Why our customers love EasyLabel Software
Ten Reasons Our Customers Love EASYLABEL Software
 Why our customers love EasyLabel Software

 from Weyfringe, used across the world in all types of industry
Creating your labels on screen including text, barcodes, and logos is easy with the world-renowned Easylabel barcode software. Just decide what you want to print and Easylabel barcode printer software does the rest.
Designing your labels just became easier with Easylabel interactive tutorials
Ready for the December 2014 food allergen labelling legislation?
Easylabel barcode software is available in three versions plus a multi-user version allowing up to 25 simultaneous users and beyond and now features the new Easylabel print history console allowing extensive reporting, logging and reprint functions.
Easylabel Silver is good for most requirements; if you need to produce GS1 barcodes or incorporate database information go for Easylabel Gold. Platinum Easylabel gives you the highest possible level and includes programmers tools. Simply choose the version you need and the number of users your need.
With over 15 years of Easylabel experience, our expert programming team and no-cost helpdesk provide unrivalled support. Easylabel is compatible with all the label printing systems in this catalogue as well as many hundreds more.
Easylabel software

Easylabel Barcode Labelling Software
The following features make label design and print easier:

Easylabel Software
Label design on screen of text, barcodes and graphics. Print fields can be sized and rotated to suit label orientation. Test labels can be products and fields can be drawn from Easylabel internal or external databases as single or multiple entries.
Label and barcode printing can be direct from Easylabel or remotely controlled from external programmes. Print jobs can be queued with priorities user-controlled. Queues can be saved and reports of labels printed can be output.
Variable graphics can be added by manual selection or drawn automatically alon with other database information.
Barcode wizard simplifies the creation of EAN/GS1 128 barcodes, guiding users through the use of application identifiers and associated data.
Hazardous chemical labels can be easily created using multi-language Risk and Safety phrases drawn from cross reference databases.
FDA21 CFR Part 11 compliance toolkit incorporates electronic signature safeguards.
Database facilities include ActiveX support for ease of connection to most external databases, database editing from within Easylabel, dBase II, III, III+, IV and ASCII text file compatibility and a very fast internal database.
Arithmetic functions allow currency conversions. Net and gross weight sums etc. can be carried out automatically.
Sell-by/use-by date automatic calculations for 1,000's of products.
Consecutive/serial numbering for shipping and identification control. Can store records of last numbers used for automatic update next time.
MRPII and ERP compatible for simple resource-planning connection.
Data validation reduces human error by allowing operator data to be validated before inclusion on the label.
Advanced Easylabel features

Easylabel Versions

Easylabel Silver                                           Easylabel version comparison chart

Design labels including text, barcodes and logos. There is no limit to the number of designs you can create. Maximum of 25 fields (lines of text/logos/barcodes) per label. With Easylabel Silver you can also password protect your designs, increment and decrement numbers automatically, include paragraphs, print date and time, view and manipulate the print queue and even control multiple printers simultaneously.  In addition Easylabel Silver can be used to download label designs to stand alone printers

Easylabel Gold                                             Easylabel version comparison chart

Includes all the features of the Silver platform plus adds:

Unlimited fields per label, EAN 128 / GS1 128 barcode creation assistant, advanced time and date functions, two dimensional barcode symbologies, arithmetic conversion function, automatic ‘use by date' creation. Easylabel Gold even has its own internal database facility as well as the ability to link with outside databases.

Easylabel Platinum                                      Easylabel version comparison chart             

(Including single, multi-user, net print server and terminal server versions)

Easylabel Platinum is our most powerful labelling package designed to meet the demands of both operators and IT specialists alike and includes all the features of Silver and Gold plus adds:

RFID creation assistant, Database cross referencing facility, FDA 21 CRF Part 11 compliance toolkit, Command File Monitoring, Active X controls, labels printed report feature and MRP support. Multi-user versions of Easylabel Platinum are also available.

Barcodes supported by Easylabel barcode software

Easylabel 6 supports a wide range of barcodes including: GS1/EAN 128, EAN 13, EAN8, UCC 128, ITF 14, CODE 39, UPCA, UPCE, Codabar, HIBC, DataBar, MSI, PDF 417, Micro PDF 417, AZTEC, DataMatrix, QR Code, RS14/Composite.

Some features/barcodes may be version specific - please ask if in doubt

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