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Labelling Solutions

As manufacturers and distributors of barcode & label printing systems Weyfringe have a solution to meet most labelling requirements by tailoring products or developing systems to meet your specific requirements.

Weyfringe labelling solutions are developed around customers labelling requirements ensuring the best solution possible is supplied.
Below are some examples of labelling solutions supplied by Weyfringe:

Case 1:
The customer had a large warehouse and required many people to be able to print product labels without purchasing 30 individual software licenses and multiple PC’s.
Weyfringe supplied the Terminal Server version of Easylabel.  This labelling software package allows almost unlimited users to access multiple labelling stations using only a single licence copy of Easylabel residing on your server. Labels and any user entered data are requested from low cost terminals (thin clients) connected to your internal network.

Case 2:
The customer was producing a variety of products to be placed in outer cases was having recurring issues with operators using the wrong product labels.
Weyfringe supplied a CAB A4 Plus thermal transfer label printer.  This highly specified printer allows multiple label formats to be stored and recalled via a barcode scan. To select the correct label for the product the operator first scans a barcode from the production schedule. They then scan the barcode on the product to be packed within the carton.  These two scans automatically load the correct outer case label template for that particular product and also the variable data to be included, ensuring the correct labelling of the product.

This solution which removed operator input errors and speeded up production was so successful it was rolled out across multiple sites.

Case 3:
The customer wanted to control label printing from off-site.
Easylabel Net Print Server. With Easylabel Net Print Server the customer was able to log in to Easylabel over the internet and remotely control label printing. This was especially useful as they had multiple production facilities and wanted to centrally control both label design and printing.

Case 4:
The customer wanted all their barcoded products on the production line checked for correctness but did not have the time or resources to check every barcode by hand.
Weyfringe supplied the Barcode Checker 3.  Located on the customers’ existing production line it recognises approaching product and triggers a barcode scan as it passes by to:

1.    Check for a barcode in the correct location on the product
2.    Check that the barcode reads and also has an acceptable print contrast signal
3.    Checks that the barcode contains the correct data and is the correct one for the product
4.    Alarms if any of the above checks fail

The customer uses the Barcode Checker 3 to complement their existing barcode verification routines for increased protection against non conformance.

Case 5:
The customer packs tools into pouches and required the operator to hand apply a matched pair of labels containing different information to the front and back of the pouch.
Weyfringe supplied Easylabel Gold and a H436 printer configured to automatically peel and dispense labels ready for the operator to apply.  Labels were also supplied to assist the process.  Produced two across the web the matched pair of labels were simultaneously presented to the operator for application.  Printing and dispensing the labels in pairs resulted in improved application speeds and reduced the possibility of mis-pairing.



Case 6:
The customer wanted to print barcode labels in a production environment not suitable for standard  PC's but does not have the budget for an industrialised computer.
Weyfringe supplied a H Series printer with a robust handheld keyboard.  The keyboard accessed downloaded printer resident label formats and allowed the operator to select correct label formats and the number of labels required.

Case 7:
The customer wanted to rackmount multiple printers in the minimum amount of space yet still have access to easily change labels and ribbons
Weyfringe supplied CAB A4+ printers with bi-folding covers allowing the printer cover to be raised in the minimal space above the printer.