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Weyfringe started in 1964 (over 50 years ago!) and moved to a factory in North Yorkshire in 1967. From designing and manufacturing ticket and medicine bottle labelling machines we became early adopters of the barcode and our model changed over the years to concentrate on supplying barcode and labelling solutions to manufacturers and distributors.

All very interesting but what about me?

Well our success to date is mostly because of the way we treat prospective and existing customers which is quite different from what you might expect. The way we do business is expensive for us but as a large proportion of our business comes from repeat sales and recommendations we don’t have to spend money on exhibitions, on page advertising, mailshots and cold calling so we can afford to invest more in supporting you.

Explain more please

To start with we listen to you and discuss what you want to achieve from your labelling.  Then we offer to visit you, in your factory. No charge.  This won’t be just a discussion between suits (unless you want it to be) but will usually include a comprehensive hands-on demonstration based on your barcode and labelling requirements. 

The product or solution you are interested in does not need to be expensive to justify our visit or demonstration.  It may be EasyLabel software for just a few hundred pounds but by ensuring you get the right solution we hope you will become a regular customer.

Hard sell I expect?

You might be interested to know that we don’t employ reps.  The people who will visit you are engineer biased and fully experienced in the labelling solutions they advise on.  They have worked in our production departments and attended manufacturers technical support courses, usually both.  They don’t rely on commission to make a living and do not have sales targets.  They do however have a refreshingly in depth knowledge of the barcoding products they sell.

Why does this matter to me?  

Because they are not under pressure to sell to you regardless, only to do their best for you.

What about after I have purchased?

We don’t want to lose your business, after all we have invested a lot in to making the initial sale, so we offer support for the lifetime of the product. This is free.  If you have a question, a problem, your label printing operator has left and you don’t know how to operate the machine just call us……no premium rate lines, no support contract required and no ‘call the manufacturer’ responses.  Instead you get access to an experienced engineer or technician who will do their damndest to get you back up and running.

This sounds a bit different from what I expected...Is there more?

Well, if you are like the majority of folk you will have experienced the initial excitement of a new machine followed all too often by the confusion of how to best operate it.  So Weyfringe offer buyers of their desk top label printing systems optional operator training.

Training, I assume it is pretty basic then?

Our training is based around your requirements and is usually carried out by the engineer who sold you the labelling equipment (who better to take responsibility for the sale) and takes around an hour or two of your time getting you up and running very quickly and breaking down any barcode technology trepidation which may exist. Of course there are some conditions, training is only available on UK mainland. We usually are able to provide your installation within a few working days of your purchase. Of course if you don’t want or need the training that’s fine too but in that case the engineer will usually call you to make sure all is well. 

Oh, on the subject of our engineers they don’t forget about you after the sale.  If they are passing they endeavour to call in to make sure all is well and offer advice if required.  Many of our customers welcome this and put the kettle on but you are of course able to express your preference either way.

What will you do for me if the labelling machine breaks down?

At some point something will go wrong.  It may be wear and tear, it may be accidental damage and it may be a fault. The point is what are Weyfringe going to do about it?  As manufacturers we employ workshop technicians and we hold hundreds of parts in stock.  These two assets mean that in the vast majority of cases we can repair the equipment we supply (even if we did not manufacture it) within a day or two.  There will be the odd exception such as calibrated readers and verifiers but usually we can offer an 8 or 16 hour turnaround.  If you rely heavily on your equipment ask about maintenance, hire or loan equipment to tide you over the repair period. 

Is this all too good to be true?

No, but we would say that wouldn’t we.  As our advice, project based demonstration and fully documented pre sales information is free you could be forgiven for putting us to the test.  It won’t cost you anything but could just be the total solution you have been looking for.