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Weyfringe supply millions of adhesive labels and ribbons suitable for barcode printing, product labelling, carton labelling and much more.

We supply both thermal transfer and direct thermal plain labels from stock usually for next working day delivery. We also have a vast range of cutters so if the label size you need is not on the shelf we can still have it ready to ship quickly. Weyfringe also supply Diamond Transfer Plus thermal transfer ribbons (Armor's AWR8 ribbon) specially formulated for today’s high performance thermal printers. Providing clear, crisp print on a wide range of labels, they are used extensively across the manufacturing and service sector due to their reliable and clean printing characteristics. Our ribbons also have a special smooth coating to minimise printhead wear extending the life of this expensive component.

Weyfringe labels and ribbons are compatible with all of the major thermal printer manufacturers such as CAB, Datamax, Sato, Tharo, Toshiba/TEC, Zebra and many more.

FREE Label & Ribbon Samples

As Weyfringe supply all types of industry and commerce we have extensive knowledge of labels, ribbons and industry labelling requirements. We also supply free of charge evaluation label and ribbon rolls allowing you to test them on your own print system and carry out any necessary due diligence before you place your order. When you request your quote online simply select the sample type of labels or ribbon at the bottom of the form and your sample roll will be delivered directly to you.

Most modern printers can print on both thermal transfer and direct thermal labels so you can choose the best type of label for your requirements. To help steer you through the terminology used within thermal and barcode labelling we have produced a labelling glossary covering this topic.

Thermal transfer labels require your printer to be fitted with a ribbon and it is the ink from this ribbon which is transferred using heat from the printhead to create dark and vibrant print with a long lasting finish. Various label and ribbon combinations can be used to cater for standard carton labelling to mission critical serial number labels to withstand extremes of use.

Direct thermal labels do not use a ribbon. Instead the label surface is coated with a heat reactive layer which turns black when in contact with the heat from the printhead. These heat reactive properties will also cause the print to fade when exposed to sunlight, strong artificial light or indeed friction (cartons rubbing together in transit for instance) with the speed of fading dependent upon the intensity of the light or friction. For this reason direct thermal labels tend to be used for short shelf life products such as fresh food. Although there are no ribbon costs associated with direct thermal labels there are other cost implications as without the ribbon acting as a protective insulator between the printhead and the label, the printhead will wear more quickly requiring more frequent replacement.