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Barcode Checker

If you do not have time to verify every barcode you produce, consider the Barcode Checker 4 from Weyfringe which can be added to your production line to check every barcode.

The Barcode Checker 4 compliments our barcode verifier range. In an ideal world you would use a barcode verifier to verify every barcode you print, both before and after you have applied it. However most producers only have time to verify first and last off printed barcodes, and possibly at mid print run too.  Some may also verify random products after they have been labelled.  We know of no one who has time to verify every barcode both before and after application.

Not verifying every barcode can lead to the following scenarios:

  1. The barcode does not read

  2. The barcode label has not been applied (at all or correctly)

  3. The barcode quality has dropped out unnoticed during the print run

  4. The barcode label applied is the wrong one for the product 

Some or all of the above scenarios will happen to you at some point. Whether you notice as or after it happens, or indeed before the product has been despatched to the retailer, will determine the level of financial loss you incur. To avoid all of these scenarios will probably require the employment of a full time operator to manually verify all your barcodes, both before and after application, as it is not possible to verify barcodes on moving product to the required ISO 15426 and 15416 standard.

However the Weyfringe Barcode Checker 4 can supplement your barcode verification routines and help protect you from the above by;

  1. Checking your conveyor line to recognise approaching product

  2. Checking for a barcode in the area of the product where it should be

  3. Checking that the barcode reads and also has an acceptable print contrast signal

  4. Checking that the barcode it reads is the correct one for the product

  5. Alarming if any of the above checks fail

Would you not feel happier knowing all the above checks were taking place?  If you take the potential costs of any of the above scenarios occurring and compare them with less than £2.82* per day to avoid them, the capital expenditure involved becomes insignificant.

If you would like to evaluate the Weyfringe Barcode Checker just contact us and ask for a demo of the Weyfringe Barcode Checker 4

 *Equivalent cost of a Barcode Checker over three years excluding installation and VAT