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Installation & Training

Weyfringe can offer training for our products at your site at a time to suit you, whether it be with delivery of your equipment or perhaps with further operators

When you purchase barcode and labelling equipment from Weyfringe you will be offered installation and training to ensure you are able to get the best out of your new equipment. Of course if you don't need or want the training that is fine and in that case the engineer that sold you the equipment will call to check that all is ok. Usually our customers will request training alongside the delivery and installation of their new equipment. However, we understand that you may have a need for further training later down the line if, for instance, your labelling operator leaves and you don't know how to operate the machine. Weyfringe are happy to provide this service and welcome enquiries for further training.

Training is not limited to hardware, we can also offer training for Easylabel. Carried out by one of our Barcode Masters, your operators can learn how to create a label including correctly specified barcodes, logos, images, link to your external database for automatic field filling, batch numbers, automated use by dates and much more. On top of this we have interactive tutorials to help you accomplish most label design tasks.
Our training is based around your requirements and is usually carried out by the engineer who sold you the equipment. Training takes around an hour or two of your time getting you up and running very quickly and breaking down any barcode technology trepidation which may exist.