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Axicon Verifier Certification Centre

Weyfringe are an Axicon Verifier Certification Centre able to test and certify your Axicon verifiers to their original ISO 15416 and ISO 15426 standards.

If your verifier is over one year old, has been used in dusty/dirty environments or has recieved an impact then we recommend that certification tests are carried out. If the unit passes Weyfringe will issue a Certificate confirming compliance.

If the unit fails it may need repair work and if this is the case a strip, repair, adjust and calibration VCAS will be required at the manufacturers. If required Weyfringe can promptly arrange this together with (if a maintenance contract is in place) a loan unit while this is being carried out.

Weyfringe have made the investment to become an Axicon Certification Centre to ensure that they are able to offer their customers the highest levels of service outside the OEM and further build on their GS1 UK Solutions Partner status.

Certification is by prior arrangement only and can usually be carried out the same day for units recieved before 10am Monday - Friday

Call 01642 490121 to arrange Certification of your Axicon Verifier