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Easylabel Software Downloads

Keep up to date with the latest releases*** of Easylabel software or download a demo version of Easylabel to see why this package has become a worldwide industry standard.

EASYLABEL 7 onwards will run in demonstration mode without a hardware WIBU licence key. The later installation of a WIBU key will remove demonstration mode restrictions. Easylabel 7 latest revision is the version of EASYLABEL to download for evaluation on all modern Windows PC's running Windows 2003, 2008, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Current users of Easylabel 5 and Easylabel 6 up to V6.2 should not download the latest version as this is a paid for upgrade and will not function with their current WIBU licence key. Please click here for older versions of EASYLABEL software which can still be downloaded. The older Rainbow Sentinel for parallel ports cannot be used with version 6 onwards and is not compatible with windows 10.

Easylabel Start (Free Version) - version

Free software for use with H series, V series & T4000 printers

Download Now   

Installation Guide            

Easylabel 7* - version

Download Now  

Installation Guide           

Easylabel 7 Multi-user - version

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* EASYLABEL download includes EASYLABEL Demo, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Terminal Server and Net Print Server versions.

** EASYLABEL Start is the FREE version of EASYLABEL that ships with every THARO H-400 Series, H-600 Series, T-Series and V-Series printer. EASYLABEL Start will only function with these printers and does NOT support the use of Windows Drivers or storing label formats in the printers internal Flash memory.

EASYLABEL 6 onwards will NOT install under Windows 95/98/ME or Windows NT. If you need to use older versions of EASYLABEL with one of these operating systems download EASYLABEL 5.6.

EASYLABEL 6 versions and later are compatible with Windows 10. Versions prior to this will require upgrade to the latest version.

Which ever level of Easylabel you currently use, if you require any additional features to your software please call the sales team on 01642 490121 who will be happy to discuss upgrades to suit.


***Upgrade policy:

Easylabel 4 is no longer supported and cannot be upgraded. Please contact sales on 01642 490121 to discuss options.

Easylabel 5 is no longer supported but can be upgraded to Easylabel 6.2 at no cost (using existing WIBU key).

Easylabel 6 is still supported and can be upgraded. Easylabel 6 can be upgraded as follows:

Easylabel 6 revisions below 6.2 can be upgraded to 6.2 free of charge.

Customers who have purchased Easylabel version 6.2 will be eligible to upgrade to version 6.3 free of charge with version 6.4 a chargeable upgrade.

Easylabel 7 is the current version. The current revision is 7.0.

Customers who have purchased Easylabel version 7.0 will be eligible to upgrade to version 7.1 free of charge with version 7.2 a chargeable upgrade. When purchasing a chargeable upgrade the following version is also a free upgrade, for example version 7.3 purchased upgrade will allow free upgrade to version 7.4, with version 7.5 being a chargeable upgrade.

To check your version use this WIBU Key I.D Tool. This tool will also be used when upgrading Easylabel to output the files required to make the upgrade.