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RTL print and apply

The RTL label applicator system forms the platform for a wide range of our print and apply labelling systems available as standard build products, or customised to suit specialised requirements.

Ideal for both short and long run product identification the RTL's Real Time (no label queue) design allows label content to remain constant or updated for every label.  This Real Time label print and apply system does not queue labels allowing every label to be matched to the product.  This means batch changes requiring changes to the label content can be made without stopping the line.

Label Applicator Movies

RTL heavy-duty industrialised label applicators are available to apply labels to the top, side, front, front/side combinations and even the bottom of products. Both standard and wide print width models are available allowing labels up to 170mm wide to be printed.

This flexible label print and apply system can automatically sense varying height products and adjust the label apply ram stroke to suit. The RTL can also be supplied with a tilt and turn stand with easy rise adjustability to accommodate almost all labelling positions and locations.

Fully compatible with EASYLABEL software the RTL can also run direct from production control systems or via a variable information data input keyboard. The label position on the pack is controlled by an easy access hand held or locatable control pod, removing the need to adjust conveyor mounted product detectors.

The RTL (like our other label print and apply systems) can be supplied with an integrated Barcode Checker. This aid to quality control can check for an applied barcode label, check the barcode reads correctly and can even confirm that the barcode label contains the correct information for the product. 

All these features and more make the Weyfringe RTL Label Print and Apply Applicator one of the most flexible and user friendly systems on the market today.

RTL key features

  • High volume industrialised label print and apply system
  • Can be specified for multiple label application orientations
  • Oversize label and ribbon capacities allow for maximum uninterrupted running time
  • Available with tamp apply, tamp/blow (for labelling fragile products) or wipe on for higher labelling speeds
  • Standard and wide label width models
  • 203dpi or 300dpi (for very small print or complex graphics) versions
  • LCD equipped control pod can be remotely mounted for ease of use
  • Can be interfaced with external devices for auto label format selection
  • Labels/ribbon low alarms

We also manufacture the RTL Compact for those customers with limited space to install a labelling system. Ideal for incorporation into existing equipment such as bagging or sealing lines the RTL Compact offers the flexibility of the RTL but contained within a smaller footprint.

Let us know if you would like to try either the RTL or RTL Compact for size so you can order with confidence. The RTL is available to apply labels to various faces of your product including top, side, front and front and side.

Top apply labeller:

Top apply labeller from Weyfringe Labelling on Vimeo.

Tamp blow application:

Tamp blow label applicator from Weyfringe Labelling on Vimeo.

Technical Specifications

Max. Label apply speed 55 labels/minute*
Max. Label width 118-170mm**
Max. Label length 330mm
Print resolution 203-300 dpi
Print type Direct/Thermal Transfer
Max. Label roll diameter 350mm (200mm for compact version)
Max. Ribbon length 450m
Type of apply Top, Side, Front, Tamp, Tamp Blow
Apply tolerance
+/- 0.6mm
Conveyor Speed Throughput dependent
Interfaces Parallel, Ethernet, USB, RS232, Wireless (option)

*Applies to wipe on variant     **Applies to wide label models

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