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Series 6000 & 7000 applicators

A range of pre-printed label applicators which can be tailored to your exact requirements.

  • Series 6000 and 7000 label applicators provide a heavy-duty and reliable method of automatically applying labels to product or packaging at user-selectable application speeds of up to 40 metres per minute
  • Easy push-button adjustment of label apply position on the pack
  • Compact size allows use in restricted areas
  • Supplied complete with optical product detector and robust stand
  • Weyfringe can customise the design of these applicators for special requirements and can supply with conveyors and product handling equipment or to link with existing production lines

Label Applicator Movies


Series 6000

Affordable for flash labelling but sophisticated enough for more demanding applications. Can apply labels up to 114mm wide by 150mm long.

Series 7000

Handles a greater label size range, up to 170mm wide by 250mm long, and features protected memory to store multiple label-position settings. This facility allows various products to have their label apply position stored for instant recall, reducing line-change time to just a few seconds.

Both machines offer easy push-button adjustment of label apply position on the pack. To move the label position just use either the forward or reverse arrow buttons on the remote control pod and the label apply position will adjust, without having to move optical detectors or brackets, as on competing machines.

Weyfringe Series 6000 and 7000 applicators can be supplied to apply labels to top, side, bottom or even wrapped around two faces.  As manufacturers we can tailor our applicators to suit your requirements - whatever they may be.

Technical Specifications




Label apply speed 100 labels/min 100 labels/min
Label width Max. 114mm Max. 170mm
Label length Max. 150mm Max. 250mm
Label roll diameter Max. 203mm Max. 254mm
Type of apply Wipe on (optional ram, tamp, tamp blow) Wipe on (optional ram, tamp, tamp blow)
Best accuracy (mm) +/- 2.5mm +/- 2.5mm
Max. Conveyor speed 40m/min* 40m/min*

*applies to wipe on variant

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