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Datamax Printers

Rugged and flexible, the versatile Datamax range includes compact through to extra wide printers. It even includes a range rated for use 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

H Class printers are available as standard and X models. Shown is the H4310 with 105mm print width.

Choose from print densities of 203, 300, 400 and 600dpi. Model shown is H6212 with 162mm print width.

H Class printers offer serial, USB and ethernet interfaces. Shown is the H8308X with 216mm print width.

The Datamax range of printers covers almost every requirement handling adhesive labels up to 228mm in width.

Datamax H Class printers can be run all day everyday – ideal for high output continuous production or data processing requirements.

  • Choose X model for extra media dispensing capability
  • 3 print resolutions available: 203, 300 & 600 dpi
  • Choose from three label print width capabilities 105mm, 162mm or 216mm wide labels
  • Print speeds of up to 304mm per second
  • Capable of accepting label rolls up to 203mm max. outside diameter
  • Many Datamax printers are suitable for subsequent upgrade to RFID or can be supplied already RFID enabled