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Stand Alone Printing

Weyfringe can supply label printers that operate without being attached to a PC.

Some of our label printers and applicators can be used 'stand alone' without a computer attached. This is particularly useful when environmental, cost or other reasons prevent you from having a PC dedicated to your label printer or applicator.

Our T and H+ Series label printers, as well as DB3 and RTL label applicators, can be used without a PC attached as they can store label designs within their internal memory or plug in USB memory sticks. Multiple designs can be stored and retained, even after switching the printer off.

  • Pre-loaded label designs can be supplied by Weyfringe or you can buy Easylabel software to design your own labels and download them to the printer 
  • Once the designs are stored in the printer they can be recalled and printed using the printers front panel and applicator LCD screen.
  • If variable information is required to be entered at the time of print you can choose the prompt the operator sees on the LCD screen.  An optional keyboard unit is available for the keying in of variable information such as use by date, quantity, size, colour etc.


If you have a requirement for stand alone label printing or would like to discuss this further please complete our contact form and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team will contact you, alternatively call 01642 490121 to speak to one of our team immediately