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Easylabel 6 Print History Console

The Print History Console provides a central location for your Easylabel reports and logs.

Multiple users of Easylabel can connect to the Print History Console allowing for centralised logging and reporting. It is no longer necessary to comb the network for your Easylabel user logs, change logs and format printing reports, now they can be stored in a single location.

The Print History Console provides reports that can be searched and sorted and can be viewed or accessed in the provided interface or any other application that can access a Microsoft SQL table. The Print History Console can be made part of your existing SQL server or you can choose to install Microsoft SQL Express when setting up the Print History Console.

The Print History Console is secure. You can control access to the Print History Console and protect sensitive information by specifying who can view the reports: prevent unauthorised users from reprinting labels; or simply restrict all users access.

The Print History Console provides a complete label reporting solution. Print jobs can be reviewed in a list containing such data items as the Date/Time the job was sent, status of the last job, computer the job was sent from, label format printed, printer the job was sent to and number of labels printed. Every field value is listed for every label in the batch similar to Easylabel's current "Tracking Report By Batch" option. You can use a search to find field values from printed labels from the main page. Also, a label preview image is presented for each printed label batch. You can limit the number of jobs shown to any range of time: 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days or just show all labels ever printed.

The Print History Console keeps track of changes. You can track all changes made to a specified label format. The Print History Console will create a back up and log the reason for a change anytime the format is saved. These backups can then be used to replace a format if any inappropriate changes were made. The Print History Console will also log changes made to user configurations, including additions, deletions or changes to a user and/or their rights. There is an option to log user events like login success, login failure, logoff and password changes. Print History Console provides an easy way to archive these events for future reference.

The Print History Console peacefully co-exists with Easylabel's "old" text based logging and reporting system. You can use either one or both. If you have amassed many of the current logs and reports and would like to use the Print History Console there is a tool for importing data from the existing logs and reports.

Easily reprint any damaged label with the Print History Console by clicking on a label in the list and selecting reprint. You can select a specific label in the job, for example only reprint label number 35 out of 100. The Print History Console also has the abilty to reprint a selected range of labels from the job or the entire job. Reprinted labels are themselves logged and are flagged as reprints in the report for absolute label tracking.

Easylabel's Print History Console is a powerful tool that can meet the needs of companies requiring very strict control over their labelling system.