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Print labels from your portable Apple, Android or Windows device

If you don’t want to use PC’s or keyboards to control your label printing consider using a handheld device linked to Easylabel NPS. These can be industrialised units or the phone you keep in your pocket. As long as they can access your network you could be using them to remotely control your label printers.

Now you can print labels from the factory floor, the warehouse or just about anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi signal. When you buy Easylabel NPS from Weyfringe you are buying the most flexible labelling software allowing you to design labels and then use a PC, a portable device or even the printer itself to select the print job, add any variable information and select how many labels to print.

Even though you may be printing remotely Easylabel can still log the print jobs and variable information data for any due diligence critical requirements. For added convenience you can choose which label job to print by browsing the names or pictures of the labels you want to print. 

There are no expensive add on modules, flaky apps to download or third party solutions. Just buy tried and tested Easylabel NPS and all you need to design and then print your label designs using a compatible PC, network terminal or portable device is included……and of course a Weyfringe engineer will be happy to help you set up Easylabel to suit your particular requirements.

Consider using Easylabel NPS and portable devices for the following situations:

  • Aggressive environment precluding PC’s
  • Multiple PC’s are cost prohibitive
  • Operator/s requires mobility
  • One person controls the printing for several locations
  • You want total flexibility of print control

Key Points:

  • Easylabel NPS lets you print labels remotely.
  • Easylabel NPS can be used with your PC, network, portable Windows device as well as Apple IOS or Android devices
  • Stay in control from almost anywhere in your factory.
  • Remotely add variable information (batch number/Use By/ serial number etc)
  • Then just choose how many labels to print and select the most convenient label printer to send the print job.