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GS1 UK labels & barcodes

GS1 UK are the UK's Barcode Standards Agency

"Accreditation gives the end user peace of mind that they are dealing with a measured and trusted organisation. It's a way of qualifying your supplier and when you speak to a GS1 UK Industry Partner you are dealing with a company who have been validated by GS1 as having a high level of knowledge and understanding of GS1 standards and the GS1 System".

Steve Watson GS1 UK speaking about Weyfringe.

Weyfringe have been GS1 UK Accredited for over 10 years and have upgraded our accreditation to Partner level. Together with a wide range of barcode labelling solutions Weyfringe can help you to be better barcoders.

Weyfringe have also been ISO:9001 certified for over 23 years showing our commitment to continuous improvement in quality procedures and dedication to the service our customers receive.