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Reduce your carbon footprint - Use SOLFREE ribbons from Weyfringe

Weyfringe now supply a unique thermal transfer ribbon manufactured without the use of solvents.

Using SOLFREE Eco-friendly ribbons can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 70% compared to traditional ribbon types, when the entire manufacturing process is compared.  Save circa 365g of CO2 every time you use a SOLFREE ribbon from Weyfringe

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In addition to a reduction in your carbon footprint you can also benefit from an increased printhead life due to an improved ribbon back coating which further reduces the friction/wear of the printhead. This has been proven to significantly extend printhead life meaning less cost, less downtime and less maintenance!

So it's a win win situation - better for the environment and better for your pocket!

All Weyfringe stock ribbons are SOLFREE and manufactured without the use of solvents.

Most makes of printer catered for.

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We supply labels and ribbons for all leading thermal printer types including:
  • Avery
  • CAB
  • Citizen
  • Datamax O'Neil
  • Godex
  • Sato
  • Tharo
  • Zebra
  • and many more